Today I am going to deep clean my sink even thought it is stainless it sometimes looks like it is not! So let’s get right to it…..

1) get some cheap conditioner. (Like vo5 that u can find at dollar tree for a buck. Smell see if u like it…lol. At least I do) take it home find a soft cloth put a dab on there and rub it. It will shine like a new penny!

2) baby oil. Take a small amount of that and rub it w a soft cloth u will get same results.

3) Pam cooking spray will make ur sink shine as well. Use just a little and buff with it. Then wipe clean.

Listerine will clean hard water stains. (I am sure other mouth washes will do the same) rub the sink down w the mouth wash the alcohol will dissolve any mineral deposits in the sink.

If u use mats at the bottom of the sink (I don’t but…..) u can fill the sink w hot water and bleach or hot water vinegar and dawn let sit 15-20 mins take out rinse. They are or should be clean. I would do this before cleaning the sink.

For my bathroom porcelain sink I use efferent. Fill the sink w hot water drop one in and let it sit for about an hour…..go back rinse out clean sink.

Also a can of coke…..coke will remove rust and some other stains from a porcelain sink. Cover it in coke and let it sit for one hour and then rinse. The acid will eat the stains!

If they are stubborn and coke don’t work try tooth paste. Put on a damp cloth scrub it and rinse.

Also a lemon or a lime cut in half and rub all over either sink will help clean it.

To keep up with the water spots wipe down w windex between cleanings!