Today I looked at my oven and it was grossly used…..hate to say it but it has been a bit since the last cleaning.

I have 2 ways I like to clean it without chemicals.

1) arm and hammer baking soda. Make sure the oven is cool. Wipe the oven down with a wet cloth, sprinkle the baking soda on the wet surface. Let it sit overnight. This allows baking soda to absorb the grease and nasty things on the oven. In the morning wipe the oven clean. ( if u want to see the chemical reaction make your liquid white vinegar but if not water will work as well)

2) kool-aid. Yep kool-aid! Use 1 pgk of kool-aid and 1cup of water. Mix them together and use as a cleaner. The citrus acid cuts through the grit and grime. U can use any flavor of kool-aid my personal fav is lemon because it adds to the sense of clean with the smell!

Last tip…..if u do use cleaner and hate the lingering smell….take a sponge and wet it with white vinegar and wipe the inside walls with it it will help eliminate the smell!!

Happy oven cleaning! 🙂