Tile and lanolium use a mixture of hot water and dawn dish soap about a 1/4 cup and mineral wax 2 tsp. ur floor will shine!!

Also carpet if u have a stubborn stain use half and half vinegar and water spray the stain let it sit for a few mins then cover it w a towel and run the iron over it. The spot will come up. Might take a couple times.



Today I am going to deep clean my sink even thought it is stainless it sometimes looks like it is not! So let’s get right to it…..

1) get some cheap conditioner. (Like vo5 that u can find at dollar tree for a buck. Smell see if u like it…lol. At least I do) take it home find a soft cloth put a dab on there and rub it. It will shine like a new penny!

2) baby oil. Take a small amount of that and rub it w a soft cloth u will get same results.

3) Pam cooking spray will make ur sink shine as well. Use just a little and buff with it. Then wipe clean.

Listerine will clean hard water stains. (I am sure other mouth washes will do the same) rub the sink down w the mouth wash the alcohol will dissolve any mineral deposits in the sink.

If u use mats at the bottom of the sink (I don’t but…..) u can fill the sink w hot water and bleach or hot water vinegar and dawn let sit 15-20 mins take out rinse. They are or should be clean. I would do this before cleaning the sink.

For my bathroom porcelain sink I use efferent. Fill the sink w hot water drop one in and let it sit for about an hour…..go back rinse out clean sink.

Also a can of coke…..coke will remove rust and some other stains from a porcelain sink. Cover it in coke and let it sit for one hour and then rinse. The acid will eat the stains!

If they are stubborn and coke don’t work try tooth paste. Put on a damp cloth scrub it and rinse.

Also a lemon or a lime cut in half and rub all over either sink will help clean it.

To keep up with the water spots wipe down w windex between cleanings!


Today I looked at my oven and it was grossly used…..hate to say it but it has been a bit since the last cleaning.

I have 2 ways I like to clean it without chemicals.

1) arm and hammer baking soda. Make sure the oven is cool. Wipe the oven down with a wet cloth, sprinkle the baking soda on the wet surface. Let it sit overnight. This allows baking soda to absorb the grease and nasty things on the oven. In the morning wipe the oven clean. ( if u want to see the chemical reaction make your liquid white vinegar but if not water will work as well)

2) kool-aid. Yep kool-aid! Use 1 pgk of kool-aid and 1cup of water. Mix them together and use as a cleaner. The citrus acid cuts through the grit and grime. U can use any flavor of kool-aid my personal fav is lemon because it adds to the sense of clean with the smell!

Last tip…..if u do use cleaner and hate the lingering smell….take a sponge and wet it with white vinegar and wipe the inside walls with it it will help eliminate the smell!!

Happy oven cleaning! šŸ™‚

So I was thinking about this blog and I am new so I am sure it is crap in comparison to some who have been doing it for a long time but it will get better.
Here is a little about me: I am a mother, wife, sister, friend. I am totally in the wrong era of time. I still believe in the easy life the keep things simple way. The Sunday dinner with family and friends where everyone brings a covered dish u set up crochet and horseshoes in the back yard and play all day and chat! The fact that family is who u have in life when it seems u have no one.

Next why buy things when u can make them?! Control what u put in ur body after all it is the only one y will ever have. I make noodles, salsa. Spaghetti sauces, BBQ sauce, rubs, and anything else I can come up with. I love not eating all the preservatives and artificial things bought in the store. Yes, some of it takes time and energy but it is so rewarding it does not bother me.

Lastly cleaning…..it is so expensive to buy a different product for everything u clean. Also LOTS of cleaning can be done with things already in ur house and little to no chemicals from the store! This to makes me happy HAPPY HAPPY!

So these are my goals to share along w little blurbs about my wonderful family from time to time!

Recipe for the day

Beef and noodle skillet

1 lb hamburger, browned

2 10.5oz cans beef broth ( or equivalent in granules)

8 oz pkg elbow macaroniĀ 

16 pkg velvetta cheese, cubed (u can use any this is just what I used)

1 cup salsa


Place hamburger in a deep at least 12″ round skillet , add broth. Heat to boil; stir in Mac. Boil til tender; reduce heat and mix in cheese and salsa. Heat thoroughly, stir occasionally. Serves about 4 ppl!